Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Hubble bubble, toil and trouble!
So its here, the 31st October!
And I've been saving these nails for a little while, especially for the occasion. Im very glad I did!
*Disclaimer* Please ignore the messy edges, I havent had very much time today between these and work. So didnt clean up before taking pictures! (Bad blogger Alex!).

I thought I'd do abit of different halloween on each nail, because I did have a fair few ideas, but apart from one nail, they didnt really extend much further. So I thought I'd combine them all, and see how it turnt out.
I like it :)
My little Frankenstien head is my fav I think.. Oh and also the black cat too!
Seeing as I'm doing nothing but working today, I really wanted a cool halloween mani, and I feel like I've definately done that.

Avon - Electric green £3
Revitacool Base coat (review coming soon!) - Free. Normal price £5
Avon Speeddry+ - Art Orange £3

Cheap white that you've all seen before *note to self* must get new white and black decent polishes!!
George at Asda - Black £1
Revlon - Gold Coin £1 <3
And lastly, a great help for this mani!
Models own nail art pens - £6
Hope you all enjoyed!
Now time to look out for christmas mani's! Designs are being worked on.
Trick or Treat?

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Angry Birds Trilogy [Game]

This is a very different post to what your all used to seeing! A ps3 game.
You may be thinking “huh?, Why?”  But what I haven’t told you guys is that in all honesty, I do enjoy playing computer games! I have a Playstation 3, Nitendo DS, and an xbox. So for a girl you may say that’s rather a lot! However I use them all for different gaming.
Anyway back to the actual point of this post!
Angry Birds has completely taken off in the last year or so, from a simple little android game, to full on board games, plush toys, and even different themes! Also, I’ve seen that “Angry Birds Star Wars” is due to come out on November 8th and will be available on IOS and MAC! Here’s some art work. *eeeek excited!*

But when I saw that they were bringing this to playstation, I knew I really had to have it.

I paid £22.99 for this from argos, but for some reason, the next day they didn’t have it anymore – you can find it mostly anywhere though. I must say, it is well worth the money, there is so much to do! According to playstation forums/blogs this will take 300+ hours to complete and get a platinum trophy on. Which for £23 is a game well worth your money!
On the one disk you get all levels of Angry Birds Classic, Seasons, and Rio. Plus extra little bonus levels too!
Im completly addicted to this, and even more so on the PS3 as you can earn trophies.
I have a feeling this will keep me very much entertained for a while to come yet!

Friday, 26 October 2012

Freaky Friday - Nightime scene

This was something I thought was abit different for halloween, and not the traditional, scary, gorey kind of stuff.
Also, this could almost double up as a christmas scene.. could add more stars, or snow, and viola!
Anyway, going to far ahead of myself :)
This is a more subtle halloween look, that could work for many people, of all ages.
Saying this was my first time doing a 'scene', it turned out well, and to be honest, the more creepy, and shaky it is, the better! It is halloween an all :)

Models own pen in white
Express finish in Denim dash
Models own pen in black

So thats it, freaky fridays are gone. And I've quite enjoyed doing it! Next thing is bonfire night, and CHRISTMAS!! Eeeek.
Whatever all of you lovelies have planned for halloween this year, stay safe, and hope you have buckets of fun!

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

NOTW - Get to the point!

I just fancied doing some simple, yet effective nails this week, as I shall be taking them off to do freaky fridays. So I didnt want to spend ages on them!
But in all honesty I actually really like them!
Yeah the points could of worked out abit better, but there not terrible, and I really like the 2 colours together.
I think it looks fun, girly, but subtle.
Not only is this actually a mani I didnt intend on liking all that much, but its actually turned out to be the cheapest ever!
Revlon, Cloud - £1
Art Deco striper - £1
Avon nail experts 24K Gold strength - Free as part of a deal.
So for £2, I cant complain!
I will do a full review of the gold strength after enough time using it. I actually used this as a base coat, and to be honest, my nails do feel nice, but I'll let you all know :)

Monday, 22 October 2012

Freaky Friday.. On a monday!? Huh?

Eeee, I am sorry!
I tried to be organized and even pre-wrote this post, got my pictures sorted ready to do after work on Friday, and then something came up, and BAM! Didnt even do my post :(
I apologise.
But here it is anyway, and im still going to do one this friday too, so we'll just have to have 2 fridays this week - which I think should be a law anyway! :)

Ocotober has gone fricken quick (just like the whole year come to that!)
This weeks freaky Friday is abit more subdued. Something you could perhaps wear if your working, or going to a more grown up Halloween party. However, like most nail art designs I do, this can be totally personalised! As you can see, I’ve used a black base, this can be changed to any colour you fancy, and the same goes with the type of glittery top coat you use.
I actually like this, although my pictures are rubbish! The lighting was wack! The red I used in a previous nail art had completely stained my fingers! It was just going all belly up!
But like I’ve said to all you beauts before, I shall share failures with you all! And although the actual nail design wasn’t a fail, the pictures were! It still gives you an idea though!
Hope you all like!
And I’d love to see some of your Halloween nail art ideas, or something your be wearing to a Halloween party! Feel free to leave links below, or contact me on twitter @alexheaney

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

NOTW - Support for Cancer

Back to a regular NOTW post, featuring fingers again! (: (however I quite liked the toe nail post?)
Anywho, so as we all know what this month is all about, I thought id do a mani to fit in.
I've been lucky enough to not have anyone close to me suffer with any kind of cancer, and obviously as a women, breast cancer is something that (weather we want to or not), worries us, as we all have a set! And not only that, men can have breat cancer too!
I used 2 of my favourite pinks for this nail art Barry M Strawberry Ice Cream, and SinfulColours Scandal.
I think this weeks, is a really cute, girly way of showing that you support any kind of research into cancer research.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Freaky Friday - Bloody Hell!

Here's abit more of a gory halloween design, which I actually really do like!
I used a fleshy beige colour [Sally Hansen, beige blast], and a very bright red [Revlon, All fired up] a dotting tool, and viola!
You can actually mess around with different colours and things, for example, a black base, and then neon green, orange or yellow as the drips.
Or even do it the other way around, so instead of the drips coming from the bottom of your nail, they could come from the top.
Many different things to play around with (:

A late NOTW post - with a difference!

So sorry that this hasnt got the regularity anymore "Whats happening to me!?"
However I wont bore you all with rubbish thats been going on, lets move on to the post (:
I have actually painted my fingernails this week, but to be honest I didnt like them, and they're nothing special. So last night, when I decided to give my feet some pampering, I thought Id feature these as nail of the week!

Now, when it comes to feet, I absolutely hate them. Period.
There is nothing ever nice about feet, and that does include my own! The only persons feet I actually like is Toms!
However, when I tried out this new colour, I really liked it on my toes.
Although its probably abit summery, I dont see why thats a problem. The weather and coldness is enough in the winter, and sometimes the last thing I wanna see when I drag my boots off is glum feet!
Not only have I gone and got myself a new top coat! But a base coat too! (:
I recently bought some things from Avon, which I shall be featuring soon in a haul and review video on my YouTube channel which you can subscribe to here!

Revlon - Blue Lagoon.
However the colour for me is so pretty, and what makes it even better is its another poundshop purchase! (:
The picture doesnt do it complete justice as in it are little flecks of pale bluey, silvery shimmers, that are very delicate, but add abit of something, something to it!
Let me know what you think of featuring toe nail art/pedi's as NOTW?
Are you a foot person!?
Stay tuned for 'Freaky Fridays' coming up this evening!

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Timotei Pure Shampoo & Conditioner

Bit of a review for you all today! I have to try hard to curb my addiction to nail polishes! Especially after the last splurge! *whoops!*
The 1st thing that drew me to this when I spotted it on the shelf was the fact it said "normal to greasy hair". I do tend to suffer from rather greasy hair and it bugs the hell out of me. I wash it 1 day, and 2 days later, it is getting oily and horrible again. Hence why dry shampoo is normally a saviour!

Anywho, back to the actual products!
Ahem. So, these cost me £1, and I got them from Lloyds Pharmacy.
I really like the smell of these, its just a really clean, fresh smell! However I dont tend to smell it too much on my hair once its dried.
My hair really does feel very clean after, and I tend to use this once a week to just take all the products out that I've used.

The conditioner is very nice too, although I did struggle at points to keep getting it out of the bottle... One minute there would be none coming out, then 1 squeeze later, it squirts out a big blob, and half it it misses my hand! #argh
Im not entirely sure however if that was my fault, or the packeging, or if the bottle I got was just mostly filled with air...

At Lloyds, these normally cost £1.99.

I really enjoyed using this shampoo and conditioner, and would recommend anyone giving it a go, if you see it on offer anywhere for a quid, then why not!?


Friday, 5 October 2012

Freaky fridays - Along came a spider!

At the moment, nail art seems to be one of my growing hobbies.
I dont really know how it became such an obbsession, but its something I rather like doing, and happily whiles away half and hour or so!
When my mum was talking to me about how far I've come on with this whole nail thing, she said to me, "have you thought about doing some halloween nails, to put on your blog?"
And then a light bulb came on! Freaky Fridays! A new halloween nail art, every friday!
I hadnt really thought about it before, I didnt really think that anyone would be interested, and I didnt think I'd really have any good ideas, or designs.
But I sat down, and had a go!
This is a very first attempt, so bare with me! But thought I'd share my failures with you aswell.

So as you can tell, not the best!
I also had some dotting tools delivered that day, so thought id try them out - so it was a nail art of firsts! (hence the dodgy web and spider!).
All in all, (and from abit of a distance!), this looked quite good, and im pleased with how it turned out for the first go!

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

NOTW - Tuxedo time!

The hand I've pictured, is abit shacky... Mainly because Im trying to perfect drawing with my right hand, as Im left handed! I couldnt picture my right hand, as it got mucked up by my kittens!

  • Cheap, crappy white! (came from a set.)
  • Models own nail art pen: £6 -
  • Nicole by O.P.I Top coat plus: £11
I really enjoyed doing this nail art, I saw it online, and thought that it looked so cool!
And just wearing them for the first 24 hours, I had a fair few comments on them. Definately show stoppers!

Monday, 1 October 2012

I finally have a new top coat!!

If you've been following my blog for a little while now, you will see that I've been using some cheap, crappy, top coat rubbish!
But now I finally have a new one!!
Of all the nail polishes I buy, I always skip over top/base coats, and I dont even know why!
I even have a new base coat on the way too... What is happening to me!? ;)
Anyway, here it is:

Littlewoods, £11
I really love it, and it definatly has made a difference!
Although I havent done any NOTW, I have used this on just regular painted nails, and some of the halloween nails I've be designing, and it adds a lovely shine, and really feels like your wearing a top coat!
So instead of seeing that rubbish one now, you shall be seeing this one! Until I branch out, and try others :)