Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Two New BarryM Palettes!

Hey lovelies!
A look at two new BarryM palettes for you today, and I must say they are lovely.
There are 3 palettes available; The Natural Glow, Smokin' Hot, and Glamour Puss. I decided to get the natural and smokin' palettes, as for me the colours had the most appeal.

Let's begin with the packaging! Ok, so it's not the greatest packaging, but it's certainly not the worst. I feel like they will get marked and messed up pretty easy as they are like a cardboard-ish material. However when opening the palettes up, I find the layout and the mirror very good. For the price I wasn't expecting a mirror, and it's a very clear, decent sized one. The eye shadows and blush themselves are a very good size (very Naked look-alike!) and you definitely get a good amount of product!
The products themselves are very good quality, and I was pleasantly surprised! As with all palettes that are from the drugstore, I am naturally very dubious on the actual quality, but BarryM have definitely not disappointed.
The Natural Glow palette is a great every day essential, and come with some beautiful shades, and a nice range of matte, and shimmer shadows. The pigmentation of the lighter shades are the best but they give enough colour payoff for everyday. The darker, more shimmery shades are lovely, and will be great as crease colours, or for use as a liner to give a more subtle look.
The blush is nice, but I wouldn't necessarily use it as a blush, as I find I don't seem to get much colour at all. I do think however that this is a really pretty highlight, as it has soft but lovely shimmer.


Now onto the Smokin' Hot palette. I think that this is a really good day to night palette, as the first 3 shades are great to wear for a subtle everyday look, and the last 3 shades are really pretty, night-time colours. As with the first palette, the pigmentation is just lovely, and I'm so pleased with them. A big difference from the first palette to this one, is the blush has a much better colour payoff. It's a very pretty dusky pink colour, and has a very light shimmer, but nothing too in your face!

All in all I give these palettes a 8 out of 10, and congratulate BarryM on a lovely product, at a good price!  

Thursday, 3 October 2013

The Autumn Tag.

Hello lovelies, hope your all well!?
I saw this tag on Fee's blog and loved the questions, and I love Autumn, so thought why not!
Feel free to do this tag yourselves, and leave your links below because I'd love to check them out!
1} What is your favourite thing about Autumn?
As much as I love summer, and all the clothes and bright colours, and not having to pile on 15 layers before leaving the house, I actually enjoy that part of things when the weather turns colder. I love coming in from the cold outside, lighting a candle, and jumping in a nice hot bubble bath! I love the cosy feeling of Autumn. When the nights start to get darker early, and you can just get all snuggly and warm, (and delve more into my obsession with Breaking Bad!).
2} What's your favourite drink?
I'm not the world's biggest lover of hot drinks, but there's one I do love having in the colder months, and that is Horlicks. I do love the stuff! It's just something that I make a mug of before getting into bed for the night and drink whilst reading a book or watching something. It makes me lovely and toasty, and helps me get to sleep.
3} Favourite scent/candle?
Again, I don't really have a favourite scent, I wear whatever I feel like, whenever I feel like, whatever the season! However, candles on the other hand. I LOVE candles. Anything warming and homely in the winter I welcome. I do enjoy Yankee Candles Vanilla Cupcake, but at the moment my Mum is burning Yankee Home's Cherry Vanilla, and it's lush. Fills the whole house with scent. I would really like to try Yankee's fireside treats.
4} Best Lipstick.
I'm a complete lipstick junkie so this is really hard to name favourites, but some that I do enjoy in the Autumn are Bourjois ShineEdition number 23 - Grenade in, Revlon's 725 Love that red, and of course Kate Moss for Rimmel 107!
5} Go to Moisturiser.
I have really dry skin anyway so I like to use Avon's Intensive Moisture Face cream. It's a lovely thick cream, that my make up applies well on top of. Also Bio-oil. Although this is not a moisturiser, my face loves it in the winter time right before you go to sleep. For me it's a must-have any time of year.
6} Go to colour for the eyes.
Any nice natural browns, beiges, taupe's. I love MUA's Undress me too palette, which is a complete steal for the quality! I also am loving BarryM's Natural Glow palette (review coming up soon -stay tuned!).
7} Favourite music/band/singer to listen to?
I don't really stick to seasons to listen to music in. I kind of just listen to whatever's taking my fancy at the time.
8} Favourite outfit to wear.
I can't specifically say I stay to once outfit that I love wearing in the Autumn/Winter months, but any outfit of mine would consist of chunky, cosy knitwear, boots, and a cosy scarf. They are my Autumn musts.
9} An Autumn treat.
Well, I'm a bit of a foodie (which isn't a good thing when you're trying to lose weight), but an autumn treat would be a big stinking hot chocolate, or a takeaway. Or both! Why the hell not. Once out of my lovely hot bath, the last thing I'd want to do is cook!
10} Favourite place to be.
All locked up, and cosy with my family and my cats.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

The infamous top coat I have a love-hate relationship with.

Hey guys!
A post today about something that has been hyped up to the max in the blogging and YouTubing world, and that my friends is the infamous Seche Vite Fast Drying TopCoat .
I thought I'd write a little post although you are all probably sick to the back teeth of hearing about it, but I need some help!
I do on the whole think that this is a great top coat, and does exactly what it says on the bottle. It dries super fast, I mean the fastest I've known any top coat dry. The problem I have is that it tends to chip like a bugger... well not necessary chip, because I know it's not advertised as an anti-chip top coat or nothing, but it seems to make my nail polish peel able...?
Does this happen to anyone else? Perhaps it's a combination between my base and top coat that causes it? But I literally do not even have to polish remover as I can sit and peel it all off! (Really bad to do that to your nails I know *slaps hand*).
So if anyone else has this problem, or if you have suggestions on solving it, please let me know! :)
I do so love this top coat, but I also love having my nails painted for more than 2 days too!

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Primark Home: Raspberry & Papaya Candle

Hello Lovelies!
I think its ok to now say that summer is officially over for us in the UK, (however whilst I am writing this the sun has come out - typical).
One thing I welcome happily in the colder, darker nights, minus snuggly pyjama's, is a lovely candle to fill my room with a delicious smell.
I have to admit, I did actually buy this in July, and had it burning through August, I don't really mind burning candles in the summer months, as long as the scent is right, and boy was this a good scent!
It's a very light, sweet, fruity scent, that when lit, smell exactly like how it does in the container. The raspberry comes through ever so subtly and isn't sickly whatsoever.
I picked this up in Primark for a mere £2, and didn't really expect to much for that price. I'm quite sceptical on Primark candles as I've had a couple in the past, and didn't really get a great scent payoff.
However this was completely the opposite, and my Mum said that she could even smell it downstairs!
I will definitely pick up some more Primark candles now the winter is truly upon us!
What's your experiences with Primark candles? Any great ones out at the moment?
Let me know!

Monday, 16 September 2013

Avon's Opal Top Coat

I finally managed to get my hands on the Avon Opal Top Coat - and at a bargain price too (£2.50). I must say, it certainly does live up to my expectations and hopes!
We all know now that I'm a complete nail polish addict, so I naturally get excited about polish anyway, but the look that this gives to any polish is just so pretty.
Its a very dainty glitter but without the glitter, if you catch my drift. It adds a beautiful sparkle to any nail polish, and looks lovely when it catches the light.
I will certainly be getting my use out of this polish this winter and Christmas time, as its a great addition to turn any mani from a day to night look!
Yet again, Avon have come up with another beautiful polish. 10/10 from me :)

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Random Post: Motivation And Losing Weight.

Hello there!
I was sat staring at the telly, all alone as Toms at work, and bored. So thought why not write a blog post? Trouble was I hadn't prepared anything and hadn't taken any photos of my products yet.. then I realized that the whole reason I started a blog in the first place was because I wanted somewhere to share anything and everything. Even if I was writing for the hell of it!
I'm afraid this is a abit of a random, moans and groans post! 
First thing that seems to be pissing me off is my motivation levels. Does anyone else want to do so much, and has so much to do, but you can never seem to muster the energy to do it, and instead you just sit there staring at the telly all doing sweet FA!? Yeah. That's me.
This seems to be slowly ruling my life and I need to stop this before it really starts, but I don't know how. If any of you guys have any suggestions please get in touch!
Secondly, I cannot seem to stick to this diet. Or any kind of workout routine. Its really bugging me because I would love to lose about a stone in weight and completely tone up, and I just cant seem to stick it. I'm thinking of joining a slimming world group as there's one setting up right near me... anyone have any feedback on slimming world? From what I cant gather people seem to get results with it. The reason I'm thinking about joining a specific group is that then perhaps I will become more motivated and more determined if I know I've got like a weigh in every week or whenever. I dunnoooo... I need guidance and advice!
I'm really sorry at such a random moany post but I just needed to get it out, and who knows! Maybe even writing this will help me get back into perspective. Here's hoping.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Review: Nivea Express Hydration Primer

Nivea Daily Essentials Express Hydration Primer - £5.00
Hiya Guys!
Back with a review for you now, of something that has been around for a little while now (and I did actually purchase when it first came out so the pictures aren't true to how much I've used now!).
This product really interested me when I first saw it as for one, its a primer, and I've never used a primer before, and two, because it is also a moisturiser for dry and sensitive skin - which is me! And for £5.00 for these two things I couldn't really not say no.
I'm glad I did as I have now used it all up, and thought it was a lovely product, as with all of Nivea's products
(I'm a bit of a fan!), however I'm not entirely sure of its primer-qualities. I didn't particularly feel that it help made my make up stay on any longer than normal, and seeing as I've never used a primer before, I couldn't really tell that I was using one then.
On the other hand, I felt it was a great moisturiser, and was absolutely lovely to use in the hot weather we've been having, as it felt like a cool gel, rather than a cream. It did seem to do a good job at keeping my dry skin at bay.
On the whole I'd give this product a 6/10. It was a good moisturiser, but seeing as I wanted a primer really I'm not sure if I'd buy it again.