Monday, 15 April 2013

Review: Avon SuperShock Mascara

Hello, Hope you are all well?

I have a mascara review for you all today, and it’s the Avon SuperShock mascara.

I must say, I absolutely love this mascara! I did own this a fair few years ago. It was like my first ever mascara that I bought myself, and to be honest, back then I didn’t really pay much attention to how good products were. I just wanted something to do that specific job, and as long as it did I was happy! However I did remember that it was affordable, and that I liked it. So when I saw it in an Avon book recently, I knew I wanted it again. Plus it was on a really good deal where I got a gel eyeliner free (which is also fab!).
The main thing I love about this mascara is how well it works for me. I love the way it separates my lashes, and really elongates them. It does a really good job of separating even the little lashes that are sometimes hard to get too, and I can also do my bottom lashes with this too.
The brush is great, and I really get on with it. It’s a decent size, and not too big.

The picture shows just one coat of mascara on, but it does work well with adding a couple of coats for more volume.
This is a really good mascara for its money (I believe I paid £4.50 for mine), and is great for anyone just starting out, or if you just fancy trying something different. P.S, I don’t get any clumps from this mascara either!

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Review: Barry M Textured Polish in Ridley Road

This is one nail polish I am not 100% sold on. It wasn't until I was editing these pictures that I realized just how crappy this applied. Like around the outside of my nails the texturedness seems to have travelled... nevermind, on with the review! :)
The colour of this is completely lovely, and that's probably the only thing I am sure on with this polish. Its a really lovely colour, infact all the Barry M textured ones are really nice spring colours. However the actual texture is what I'm uncertain of.
When I first applied it I thought there was no texture to it at all! It seemed to come out of the bottle just like any normal polish. Then when it began to dry, then the texture of it really start to show. To me it just looks like a cheap polish that's bubbled or gone all weird, I'm not entirely sure I like the end result, it does take a while to get used to!
What do you lovelies think of the Barry M textured polishes?