Monday, 22 October 2012

Freaky Friday.. On a monday!? Huh?

Eeee, I am sorry!
I tried to be organized and even pre-wrote this post, got my pictures sorted ready to do after work on Friday, and then something came up, and BAM! Didnt even do my post :(
I apologise.
But here it is anyway, and im still going to do one this friday too, so we'll just have to have 2 fridays this week - which I think should be a law anyway! :)

Ocotober has gone fricken quick (just like the whole year come to that!)
This weeks freaky Friday is abit more subdued. Something you could perhaps wear if your working, or going to a more grown up Halloween party. However, like most nail art designs I do, this can be totally personalised! As you can see, I’ve used a black base, this can be changed to any colour you fancy, and the same goes with the type of glittery top coat you use.
I actually like this, although my pictures are rubbish! The lighting was wack! The red I used in a previous nail art had completely stained my fingers! It was just going all belly up!
But like I’ve said to all you beauts before, I shall share failures with you all! And although the actual nail design wasn’t a fail, the pictures were! It still gives you an idea though!
Hope you all like!
And I’d love to see some of your Halloween nail art ideas, or something your be wearing to a Halloween party! Feel free to leave links below, or contact me on twitter @alexheaney


  1. Going to tell us what you used? Lol

    1. Lol. Yeah I seemed to have let that slip on freaky fridays!
      Black from Asda George - £1
      Sinfulcolours, serena and chloe - £1 :)