Thursday, 22 November 2012

The Most Expensive Polish In The WORLD!!

Now, I do love polish.
It is my addiction.
But really? This!

Pictures from
So, this is a polish from jewellery people 'Azature' and is available to buy from Selfridges here for nothing less than £160,000.00!
Yes, that's right! £160,000.00.
Fancy one?
Well, you cant have one shipped until the 20th of December, as, believe it or not, they are running low on stock!
If you read on the site, the first thing it tells you about this polish is that its 267 carat black diamond. Which are even encrusted on the cap!
Could any of you even justify paying this much for polish!?
Even if you were mega rich!

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

NOTW - Asda's Ultravoilet

Hey Lovelies!
Sorry I've been so absent, I have the most silly, un-girly excuse EVER! I'm ashamed to tell you all, but its Call Of Duty, its slightly taken over my life! I'm Sorry!
But I'm back now, with a NOTW post!
I picked this polish up in Asda the other week, and they were on offer for £1! (I swear I get most of my polishes for a quid!)
It's a really pretty polish, and for the picture above it took 2 coats. But this is a really buildable colour! Kind of reminds me of the Models Own Indian Ocean colour, from there bettlejuice collection.
Asda polishes are generally ok value for money, and for £1-£2 you cant really complain, even if its just for the odd night out, or in the day to go with an outfit!
What do you think of Asda polishes? Ever tried any?
Also, like the new name of my blog?

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Ghost Enchanted Bloom Perfume

This lovely, lovely perfume was a birthday present from my dear friend Chris (@chrissiebella), and Im very grateful, as although I’ve always love the smell of Ghost perfumes, and even gifted them to other people, I have never owned one myself!
This one is absolutely lovely! I find you can wear it whether it be in the daytime for meeting with friends, for lunch or a general natter, or for a night out at dinner, or partying!
I am completely rubbish at describing how things smell, especially perfume wise, but here goes!
It is quite a sweet, floral scent, but not overpowering. There is a lot of hushed undertones that are more woody, and give a perfect base to the perfume, hence why I think this also makes a good evening fragrance.
It is also very girly and warming, and is perfect for work, as the long Gevity of it is amazing. I still smell this on me hours after applying!

The bottle is a lovely shape too! Very womanly and pretty. A beautiful lilac colour that isn’t too in your face, and would sit perfectly on anyone’s dresser.
I love this perfume, and have worn it pretty much all the time since I got it. So, if your reading this Chris, thank you very, very much! <3

Monday, 5 November 2012

Yankee Candle - Vanilla Cupcake

Eeeek, my first ever Yankee Candle!
Now there’s not many bloggers that can say that they have never had or tried a Yankee Candle, but I’m ashamed to say that I never have! I think it was because I wasn’t really too sure on why a candle would cost so much, and what the big deal was with them!
But after receiving this one, with help from the extremely helpful, and nice people at Very's customer service, I now completely understand what the hype is with these, and I’ve put one on my Christmas list to Santa! (mum!).
The story behind me getting this candle is opening some post from very last week, and they had a leaflet in for a free Yankee Candle when you spend £50 or more. I thought to myself, this is a perfect time to try one – for free! I had some Christmas shopping to do on there, and the offer couldn't have come at a better time. So added everything to my basket, remembered the normal free gift, and checkout, completely forgetting the Yankee offer! *smack head on heads*
As soon as I realized, and after screaming to mum about it, I thought id email customer services and just see if they could help me out in any way. I wasn’t expecting anything as it had been my fault, but I couldn’t of been more wrong!
They emailed me back with 4 hours, and added it to my order! I was completely overjoyed, and it was so nice of them!
Anyway, the candle I received was the vanilla cupcake scent, and OH MY GOD! Its lush.
Completely makes me want to start baking, and eat lots of cute cupcakes!
It is very sweet, so if your not that kind of person, then this probably isn’t for you. But seeing as its getting ever closer to the festive season, I think this is lovely for this time of year, and settling down with a hot chocolate!
I got a small jar candle, which says it will last for 25-40 hours. Which is really good going for the size!
I’m definitely impressed by Yankee Candles, and hopefully I will find one under my tree Christmas day.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

NOTW - Seeing Red?

Barry M - Red Glitter £2.99
Nails Inc - St James £2 In this months Glamour mag!
Now, the red glitter is a fab polish, and I'm very impressed with it, and obviously for Barry M's great prices you cant go wrong. However, the pictures do not do it any justice whatsoever, and I can only blame our rubbish weather and it being so dull and gloomy!
It is not the best day ever for taking blog photos thats for sure!
This is also my first time ever trying a nails inc polish too. When I found out they were in Glamour mag this month, I had to hunt one down. The issue I got came with St James, a lovely red, which reminds me a great deal of london phone boxes. Also a great red for christmas too!
Im very impressed with nails inc, and will most likely end up buying some more colours at some point, and trying to hunt down the rest of them in Glamour too!
Have you got any from Glamour this month?
Which ones did you get if you did?