Friday, 5 October 2012

Freaky fridays - Along came a spider!

At the moment, nail art seems to be one of my growing hobbies.
I dont really know how it became such an obbsession, but its something I rather like doing, and happily whiles away half and hour or so!
When my mum was talking to me about how far I've come on with this whole nail thing, she said to me, "have you thought about doing some halloween nails, to put on your blog?"
And then a light bulb came on! Freaky Fridays! A new halloween nail art, every friday!
I hadnt really thought about it before, I didnt really think that anyone would be interested, and I didnt think I'd really have any good ideas, or designs.
But I sat down, and had a go!
This is a very first attempt, so bare with me! But thought I'd share my failures with you aswell.

So as you can tell, not the best!
I also had some dotting tools delivered that day, so thought id try them out - so it was a nail art of firsts! (hence the dodgy web and spider!).
All in all, (and from abit of a distance!), this looked quite good, and im pleased with how it turned out for the first go!

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