Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Hubble bubble, toil and trouble!
So its here, the 31st October!
And I've been saving these nails for a little while, especially for the occasion. Im very glad I did!
*Disclaimer* Please ignore the messy edges, I havent had very much time today between these and work. So didnt clean up before taking pictures! (Bad blogger Alex!).

I thought I'd do abit of different halloween on each nail, because I did have a fair few ideas, but apart from one nail, they didnt really extend much further. So I thought I'd combine them all, and see how it turnt out.
I like it :)
My little Frankenstien head is my fav I think.. Oh and also the black cat too!
Seeing as I'm doing nothing but working today, I really wanted a cool halloween mani, and I feel like I've definately done that.

Avon - Electric green £3
Revitacool Base coat (review coming soon!) - Free. Normal price £5
Avon Speeddry+ - Art Orange £3

Cheap white that you've all seen before *note to self* must get new white and black decent polishes!!
George at Asda - Black £1
Revlon - Gold Coin £1 <3
And lastly, a great help for this mani!
Models own nail art pens - £6
Hope you all enjoyed!
Now time to look out for christmas mani's! Designs are being worked on.
Trick or Treat?

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