Friday, 26 October 2012

Freaky Friday - Nightime scene

This was something I thought was abit different for halloween, and not the traditional, scary, gorey kind of stuff.
Also, this could almost double up as a christmas scene.. could add more stars, or snow, and viola!
Anyway, going to far ahead of myself :)
This is a more subtle halloween look, that could work for many people, of all ages.
Saying this was my first time doing a 'scene', it turned out well, and to be honest, the more creepy, and shaky it is, the better! It is halloween an all :)

Models own pen in white
Express finish in Denim dash
Models own pen in black

So thats it, freaky fridays are gone. And I've quite enjoyed doing it! Next thing is bonfire night, and CHRISTMAS!! Eeeek.
Whatever all of you lovelies have planned for halloween this year, stay safe, and hope you have buckets of fun!