Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Angry Birds Trilogy [Game]

This is a very different post to what your all used to seeing! A ps3 game.
You may be thinking “huh?, Why?”  But what I haven’t told you guys is that in all honesty, I do enjoy playing computer games! I have a Playstation 3, Nitendo DS, and an xbox. So for a girl you may say that’s rather a lot! However I use them all for different gaming.
Anyway back to the actual point of this post!
Angry Birds has completely taken off in the last year or so, from a simple little android game, to full on board games, plush toys, and even different themes! Also, I’ve seen that “Angry Birds Star Wars” is due to come out on November 8th and will be available on IOS and MAC! Here’s some art work. *eeeek excited!*

But when I saw that they were bringing this to playstation, I knew I really had to have it.

I paid £22.99 for this from argos, but for some reason, the next day they didn’t have it anymore – you can find it mostly anywhere though. I must say, it is well worth the money, there is so much to do! According to playstation forums/blogs this will take 300+ hours to complete and get a platinum trophy on. Which for £23 is a game well worth your money!
On the one disk you get all levels of Angry Birds Classic, Seasons, and Rio. Plus extra little bonus levels too!
Im completly addicted to this, and even more so on the PS3 as you can earn trophies.
I have a feeling this will keep me very much entertained for a while to come yet!

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