Wednesday, 24 October 2012

NOTW - Get to the point!

I just fancied doing some simple, yet effective nails this week, as I shall be taking them off to do freaky fridays. So I didnt want to spend ages on them!
But in all honesty I actually really like them!
Yeah the points could of worked out abit better, but there not terrible, and I really like the 2 colours together.
I think it looks fun, girly, but subtle.
Not only is this actually a mani I didnt intend on liking all that much, but its actually turned out to be the cheapest ever!
Revlon, Cloud - £1
Art Deco striper - £1
Avon nail experts 24K Gold strength - Free as part of a deal.
So for £2, I cant complain!
I will do a full review of the gold strength after enough time using it. I actually used this as a base coat, and to be honest, my nails do feel nice, but I'll let you all know :)

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