Thursday, 26 July 2012

Asda Purchases.

So today, our monthly shop from Asda Walmart got delivered!
Whilst my Mum buys the food, I tend to go looking for cheap toiletries, hair dyes, make-up, anything I can get my hands on really!
And these are the things I picked up - at a bargain price I must add!
So thought I'd share, and give a little low-down on what my initial thoughts of them were, then maybe you guys might like to go try them yourselfs!

So, first up are these 3 shower gels - all were 95p for 250ml of product! Preeeetty guurd going!
The first one "Lime and lemongrass" is actually for my boyfriend to use! Out of the flavours (or smells, whichever you want to say) that they had, we thought this sounded the more manly option perhaps.. However they do, do a 2 in 1 shampoo and shower gel for men too! (which is also 95p!!). So, the shower gel smells really quite refreshingand zingy - and even Tom likes it so thats pretty good! Says on the back that it will start your day with a bang! And I think it will.

Secondly there was the "Mint and tea tree" flavour. Now this one is an exact joop for the Original Source shower gel if any of you have smelt that one. It's the exact same, if not abit more subdued. Which is fine with me, cos the Original Source one actually made my eyes start to sting and water abit :| Im really looking forward to using this one, as the Original Source one was great on my skin, and did leave me feeling very refreshed! And Asda's one is at a fraction of the price!

Thirdly was the "Grapefruit, and white nectarine" flavour. This one smells LUSH! It reminds me of like jelly beans, or the Mike and Ike sweets you can get. Its lovely! And a really pretty pink colour too. Infact to be honest, all of these have a really nice colour to them. This one I may actually start using first, as I think its a really nice girly smell for the summertime (or whats left of it anyway!).

Ok, so if your still with me, that was what I thought of the shower gels,
Next thing I bought was a shampoo and conditioner.

Now, these next things, if the work well, are an absolute bargain!!
"Asda essentials, Zingy lemon shampoo and conditioner" For 500ml each. They were 85p!
85p!!!!!!! :O
Im really crossing my fingers that they are nice to use, and that they actually help my hair a little.
I suffer from greasy hair syndrome, and its horrible. After I wash my hair, I perhaps get one good day out of it, then have to wash it again. And although dry shampoo is great (although the one I'm using right now isn't..), I dont wanna make my life depend on that thing. Dry shampoo is supposed to be for when your hair is pretty much on its last legs, and your using it on the morning, of the evening your gonna wash it.
Me. I use it all the time!! and lemon is supposed to help greasy hair. So here goes!
Apparently my auntie when she was younger, used to wash her hair in lemon Fairy washing up liquid! but I dont quite fancy going that far just yet!!

So, after that. Im off to grab a cuppa!
Will let you know about the product - perhaps in a YouTube vid..
Who knowsssss :)

Cheerio! xo.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

A Lil Introduction

Hello, & Howdy!
Well, this is my first post, on my brand spanking new blog!
How exciting :)
So time for a brief introduction.

My name is Alex, and ive just turned the lovely age that is 21! I currently live in sunny (at the moment) Swindon, with my mumsy (but you guys can call her Sue), and abit un-invitedly, my boyfriend, Tom :) Not that I mind him being here - it's nice :)
So there's a little about me (as we go along, your obviously learn alot more), now for abit about what you may find on this new little blog of mine!

By the way, this is actually my first ever blog! Ahh scary!

So anywayssss, that kind of randomness your be finding on here is books, make-up, nails, films, food (<3 food!), reviews, hauls, and anything else that pops into my head, or day, that I want to share!

Also I am currently in the process of creating a YouTube channel too (when I get the balls to start filming myself!) so when thats all up and running I shall be linking it on here!

TTFN. xo