Monday, 14 January 2013

Where am I? What have I been doing?

Hello there lovelies!
Now, you may be wondering who this stranger is popping up on my blog feed, and you may even of forgot you've subscribed to me! I apologise.
There's not really anything I can say that's been problem as to why I haven't blogged or filmed in a very long time, apart from generally feeling knackered.
We all have times in our lives where we feel so tired in the day we could fall asleep given any opportunity, and you are so thankful when you finally get into your bed of an evening a fall into a wonderful slumber! Lately however, that has not been happening for me :(
I am tired pretty much 24/7, and its not like me at all. The thing that's making it worse, is I'm not sleeping really all that great at night, and its turning into a vicious circle!
Today came the point where enough is enough in more ways than one, as I've gone to see the doctor. Along with a few other symptoms, like drinking a lot a points, the doctor has given me an appointment for a fasting blood test, and iron check on Wednesday morning. My first one everrrrr!! Yes. I am 21 and never had a blood test :)
I have a family history of diabetes too - as my dad was type 1, and my mum is type 2, and I've always been told to keep an eye out for anything like this.
So we shall see what a week Wednesday brings as I have to wait for my results. I just felt like writing today, and I felt like you guys deserved an explanation as to why I've been absent.
Hopefully, I can start to feel like my old self again sometime soon, and get back to blogging, and all the other things I love!