Saturday, 29 September 2012

Radox Essentials, Bath cream with milk.

Radox Essentials Soft Care Bath Cream with Milk 500ml
£1 from Savers
This is truely the best smelling bubble bath I have ever smelt from Radox!
To me, the smell is quite sweet, with perhaps a hint of pinapple or something. Its very soft, and really feels nice when poured into a lovely hot bath!
Now some people may think that having a bath isnt really hygenic because your sitting in your own filth, yadda yadda... But personally, I love nothing better than a good ole soak!
If I come out looking like a lobster, then thats a plus!
I find a bath for me is good for warming me up, soaking aching muscles, and just generally relaxing, and I also find I can never have a bath without any bubbles!
I do usually buy Radox bubble baths because they're just really nice, you normally get a good bubble pay out, and for me they tend to be quite cheap, as I normally buy them when they are on offer at work!
When I was staying at Tom's I forgot to bring bubble bath with me (his family are shower people!), so when we were in town, picking up some toiletries, I noticed this in Savers, for a £1, smelt it, and bought it!
Another lovely thing about this product, is you really dont need a great deal of it in your bath to produce a decent amount of bubbles.
I was really pleased with this, and it will definatly be on my re-purchase list!
Ps. I have been abit slack lately with my blog, and YouTube channel, I apologise!
The reason there hasnt been any NOTW post this week is because I've been working on some halloween nail art, that I will be starting to share with you in october! :)
As for YouTube, I blame my shit interent wanting to take nearly 700 minutes to upload and 10 minute video!
I shall get there eventually!

Tuesday, 25 September 2012 Haul

For those of you who dont know what is, its basically a pay monthly site, that (if you pass a credit check), gives you a limited amount of credit to spend on the site. Which does go up baring in mind you keep up with your payments, dont miss any, and purchase something every now and again.

For me, I dont think I could do without it! You can get most things on there, from clothes, to D.I.Y, to make up, and perfume! I find things like this so handy as I can buy things like christmas presents early, and have them paided off before christmas even gets here. And of course, treat myself every once in a while too!

Which is what I've done now!

 Wine coloured long sleeve top, size 14. £6
(the pictures of the clothes look really wide for some reason, perhaps next time i'll put them on!)
 Jumper, size 14. £11
 Barry M Kohl Liner. £3
 Of course I have to buy nail polish! £3 each.

The other pretty cool thing with Very is aswell, that with every order (depending on how much you spend), you get to pick a free gift. Theres a choice of 3 to choose from, and they change every so often.
This time I picked this sample of a lemon and sage body butter. Which smells really nice, and is also really think and creamy.
Im glad I got a sample of this, because after looking on the website, its blooming expensive!

Im always really pleased with the delivery is always really fast, and I recieved my clothes less than 24 hours later, and the rest came through my door the next day!


Thursday, 20 September 2012

NOTW - 50/50 design with purples!

The name behind this weeks nails is pretty simple to be honest.
I thought if I named it something pretty much universal, then I can do this kind of design with many different colours and variations!

This actually has to be my favourite mani in a while :)

  • Avon nailwear - £3
  • Sally Hansen - £1
  • Nail art pen - £6
I really enjoyed this design, although it can be abit tricky in places. Im looking forward to trying many different colours and looks with this premise in the future!


Wednesday, 19 September 2012

A simple jam and coconut sponge!

Another baking post for you guys today!
Nail of the week is on the way, but yesterday I did some baking, and thought I'd share with you what I made!

Tom isnt much of a cake person, but one cake I've noticed that he does wolf down when made, is just a very simple sponge with raspberry jam, and desicated coconut on top! And seeing as he's just gone a got himself a new job, I thought I'd make him it for when he came home from a long 10 hour day!

How much of everything:
  • 8oz of self raising flour
  • 4oz of caster sugar
  • 8oz of stork (or anything else that you prefer to use for baking!)
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 teaspoons of baking powder
  • 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract (if you have the real deal ((essence)) then just 1 teaspoon will do)
  • Raspberry jam, doesnt matter if its seedless or not, or even if its raspberry, pick a jam, or curd you like.
  • Some desicated coconut

So put all your dry ingredients in your mixer or bowl, then move on to melting your butter in the microwave for about 15 seconds, once that comes out, add your vanilla extract, stir, then add to mixure.

Then mix.

Whilst its mixing, add your eggs, and make sure that all the flour and everything is mixed into the wet ingrediants. Then move on to lining the tin you would like to use. This is another personal perference, you could use any tin you fancied, and if theres too much mixture for one tin, then make 2, why the hell not! :)

I used one like this:

I lined my tin with some greaseproof paper, so when it comes to turning it out, fingers crossed, it should just pop out of the tin!

Empty the mixture in your tin, and bake for 20-25 minutes, on 180 degrees.
But keep and eye on it!

Once its out of the oven, let it cool in the tin for about 5-10 minutes, then turn it out, and take the greaseproof off. When the cake is luke warm, thats when you can start to spread your jam over the top of the cake, then sprinkle your desicated coconut over the top.
The jam and coconut you can put on as much, or as little as you like!

And then you have your finished cake!

Time to cut a piece and enjoy :)

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Kettle Chips sweet chilli and sour cream

Now I happen to be abit of a crispaholic, I much prefer them to a bar of chocolate or anything like that! Im much more of a savoury kind of person when it comes to snacking and comfort food.

Ive seen Kettle Chips around alot, there not new or anything, but recently, and previously, my local co-op supermarket has had them on offer at a £1 per bag!
Which, if im honest with everyone, is the only time I buy them, because as much as Im a crisp-fanatic, I do begrudge paying something like £2.50/£3.50 for a bag which I will happily scoff in about an hour (sounds terrible when I say it out loud!)

So when these are on offer, I do like to grab a bag, and treat myself, and try a flavour. The flavour I tried this time is the sweet chilli ones, which are by far my favourites! They are so yummy! And when they say "sweet" they really do mean that, they are not fiery or very spicy, and with the hint of sour cream too, delicious!

There's also nothing artificial about them either, and you can take a look at their website here and see about how they make them, what they use, and other varities - they even do vegatable chips!

TTFN xox

Monday, 17 September 2012

Swindon Advertiser - Wedding of the year competition

Bit of a quick, random little post today about the wedding competition me and Tom have entered.
If you live in swindon, then you will know what the Swindon advertiser is, but if you dont... It just our local paper, that cover stories, has local advertisments, and the odd competition in it too such as baby of the year, and as of late, this comp which obviously appealed to me seeing as im newly engaged!
Basically the competition is bloody good - you can win everything you would ever really want to have for your wedding, lovely venues, even hotel rooms for the bride and groom, and even 10 other rooms for family and friends!
Me and Tom thought sod it! We have nothing to lose by entering, but perhaps a lovely wedding to gain if we do! And todays the day the voting starts, and our picture was published!
If you follow this link and go to page 3, that where we are! (:
Any votes for us would obviously be very much appreciated, and details of how to do so are at the bottom of each page!

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

NOTW - Raindrops keep fallin' on ma nails!

I have never sat and thought about a name for a mani for so long!

The conclusion I came to was that it definately reminded me of water, and droplets. In the light, it looks exactly like little water droplets have landed on my nails. In shadow, it looks abitlike a lake at night time, with the moon bouncing of the top of the water! Certainly a fastasy kinda mani!

We all know the cheapy, crappy base coat by now!
My new Technic nail polish in 'Mermaid'
Sinful colours professional in 'Aqua'
I love the finished look of this weeks nails, I hope you guys did too!

Monday, 10 September 2012

Technic Nail Polish

I went to town yesterday, and being as obsessed with nail polish as I am, as soon as I'm near any make up/beauty products, obviously I have to look at the nail polish! :)
In bodycare, they have rather a big selcetion!
I was surprise to be honest. I never really go in bodycare all that much anymore, and was just in there on the off chance.
They do, do their own range of nail polish called 'BC' collection, which ranges between £1-£1.50. But the two I picked up were from the 'Technic' range, and at 99p you simply cant go wrong for these 2 gorgeous nail polishes!!


I completely fell in love with them. (So much so, that the Mermaid one will be featured in this weeks NOTW - stay tuned!).
For just 99p, I was thinking "wow".
 So this is 'Carnival', as lovely clear polish, with brightly coloured, and different sized specs in it. A very well named polish I think - completely reminds me of carnivals, and street parties and such :)

And this is 'Mermaid'. Again this has different sized specs in it, but this is just blue, light blue, and a hint of shimmery green. Lovely lovely, lovely!!
The other thing I really like about this polish is instead of it being clear, the polish has a very pale bluey tone to it, which I think is fab!
You could simply just wear this on its own if you wanted to just quickly jazz up your hands, without to much effort!
Would love to hear if anyone else has tried these 'Technic' nail polishes!
What did you think of them?
Also, incase you were wondering that the fingers in these pictures look a little weird to my own, my fiance kindly let me use him as a model! I already has polish on, and being lazy, couldnt be bothered to take it off! :/
Thanks though Tom <3

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

NOTW - A hint of dots

Again, from the title. The design is pretty obvious!
But hey ho :)

I saw a design abit similar to this on a blog somewhere on my travels, and thought "I think I'd like to recreate that!"
So I did :)

I think its something just abit different, but the pink really makes it work!
Of course you can change the colours used, dot formation, or even the fingers you've dotted!
This design would work with allsorts of colours, and different dotted nails.

So the product I used!

My models own nail art pen, in black. (£6)
Some cheap white polish, which I do need to replace, and get a new one! (comes from the same set as the clear I pictured last week!)
Sinful Colours polish in Scandal (£1, from poundland)

Hope you enjoyed this NOTW! (:

Monday, 3 September 2012

Meet Max and Milo!

Our new little babies xox.
Our 9 week old kittens, Max, and Milo.
These are the cutest, yet craziest kittens ever! They definately have some character.
Although there brothers, they have completely different personalities.
Max is into everything! He certainly wasnt shy from the moment we got him home.
Milo on the other hand is very timid, however, he seems to be quite settled with me (:

And Max will probably turn out to be more of Tom's cat (:
Of course I shall keep you all updated with how they go, and no doubt your see lots of photos!