Friday, 12 October 2012

A late NOTW post - with a difference!

So sorry that this hasnt got the regularity anymore "Whats happening to me!?"
However I wont bore you all with rubbish thats been going on, lets move on to the post (:
I have actually painted my fingernails this week, but to be honest I didnt like them, and they're nothing special. So last night, when I decided to give my feet some pampering, I thought Id feature these as nail of the week!

Now, when it comes to feet, I absolutely hate them. Period.
There is nothing ever nice about feet, and that does include my own! The only persons feet I actually like is Toms!
However, when I tried out this new colour, I really liked it on my toes.
Although its probably abit summery, I dont see why thats a problem. The weather and coldness is enough in the winter, and sometimes the last thing I wanna see when I drag my boots off is glum feet!
Not only have I gone and got myself a new top coat! But a base coat too! (:
I recently bought some things from Avon, which I shall be featuring soon in a haul and review video on my YouTube channel which you can subscribe to here!

Revlon - Blue Lagoon.
However the colour for me is so pretty, and what makes it even better is its another poundshop purchase! (:
The picture doesnt do it complete justice as in it are little flecks of pale bluey, silvery shimmers, that are very delicate, but add abit of something, something to it!
Let me know what you think of featuring toe nail art/pedi's as NOTW?
Are you a foot person!?
Stay tuned for 'Freaky Fridays' coming up this evening!


  1. I've seen this polish in Poundland but never picked it up! Kind of regret that now! I paint my toes bright in the Winter too, no one can see them so I can still use my favourite colours haha :) xx

  2. Gorgeous colour!