Monday, 10 September 2012

Technic Nail Polish

I went to town yesterday, and being as obsessed with nail polish as I am, as soon as I'm near any make up/beauty products, obviously I have to look at the nail polish! :)
In bodycare, they have rather a big selcetion!
I was surprise to be honest. I never really go in bodycare all that much anymore, and was just in there on the off chance.
They do, do their own range of nail polish called 'BC' collection, which ranges between £1-£1.50. But the two I picked up were from the 'Technic' range, and at 99p you simply cant go wrong for these 2 gorgeous nail polishes!!


I completely fell in love with them. (So much so, that the Mermaid one will be featured in this weeks NOTW - stay tuned!).
For just 99p, I was thinking "wow".
 So this is 'Carnival', as lovely clear polish, with brightly coloured, and different sized specs in it. A very well named polish I think - completely reminds me of carnivals, and street parties and such :)

And this is 'Mermaid'. Again this has different sized specs in it, but this is just blue, light blue, and a hint of shimmery green. Lovely lovely, lovely!!
The other thing I really like about this polish is instead of it being clear, the polish has a very pale bluey tone to it, which I think is fab!
You could simply just wear this on its own if you wanted to just quickly jazz up your hands, without to much effort!
Would love to hear if anyone else has tried these 'Technic' nail polishes!
What did you think of them?
Also, incase you were wondering that the fingers in these pictures look a little weird to my own, my fiance kindly let me use him as a model! I already has polish on, and being lazy, couldnt be bothered to take it off! :/
Thanks though Tom <3

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  1. They're both really pretty nail polishes :) xx