Monday, 17 September 2012

Swindon Advertiser - Wedding of the year competition

Bit of a quick, random little post today about the wedding competition me and Tom have entered.
If you live in swindon, then you will know what the Swindon advertiser is, but if you dont... It just our local paper, that cover stories, has local advertisments, and the odd competition in it too such as baby of the year, and as of late, this comp which obviously appealed to me seeing as im newly engaged!
Basically the competition is bloody good - you can win everything you would ever really want to have for your wedding, lovely venues, even hotel rooms for the bride and groom, and even 10 other rooms for family and friends!
Me and Tom thought sod it! We have nothing to lose by entering, but perhaps a lovely wedding to gain if we do! And todays the day the voting starts, and our picture was published!
If you follow this link and go to page 3, that where we are! (:
Any votes for us would obviously be very much appreciated, and details of how to do so are at the bottom of each page!

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