Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Kettle Chips sweet chilli and sour cream

Now I happen to be abit of a crispaholic, I much prefer them to a bar of chocolate or anything like that! Im much more of a savoury kind of person when it comes to snacking and comfort food.

Ive seen Kettle Chips around alot, there not new or anything, but recently, and previously, my local co-op supermarket has had them on offer at a £1 per bag!
Which, if im honest with everyone, is the only time I buy them, because as much as Im a crisp-fanatic, I do begrudge paying something like £2.50/£3.50 for a bag which I will happily scoff in about an hour (sounds terrible when I say it out loud!)

So when these are on offer, I do like to grab a bag, and treat myself, and try a flavour. The flavour I tried this time is the sweet chilli ones, which are by far my favourites! They are so yummy! And when they say "sweet" they really do mean that, they are not fiery or very spicy, and with the hint of sour cream too, delicious!

There's also nothing artificial about them either, and you can take a look at their website here and see about how they make them, what they use, and other varities - they even do vegatable chips!

TTFN xox

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  1. I'm a crispaholic too :)! Haha, these sound so yummy! xx