Sunday, 12 August 2012

YouTube Channel up and running!

After many cursing words were spoken, and after my laptop was thrown on my bed in a huff many-a-time! Finally my YouTube channel is not only active, but I finally was able to upload a video!

There we have it!

I had so many problems to begin with, it was unreal! I was beginning to think "how the hell do people do this!?".
Filming the actual video wasnt too bad, (Im sure my technique will improve with time) for a first video I was really quite happy with the way it turned out. Then, the fun began!

My camera films in HD, and apparently, windows live movie maker doesn't quite like that. So it decided not to work! After hunting high and low for something I could edit my HD video on, I found nothing! Nada. Zilch. So decided - what the heck! I'll just upload it to YouTube as it is!
But that didnt want to work for me either... Saying it was going to take upto 456 minutes or something ridiculous! I carried on however, and left my laptop on overnight for it to do so, just to wake in the morning to find out internet explorer had stopped responding on 83% !!!

I was livid, and starting to perhaps come to terms with the fact id have to re-film in a lower resolution. (which I didnt want to do, as I didnt want to lose all that '1st video' ness!)
Anywho, after doing some research I find a video converter online (which is free to download, and free to use), which converts HD video to smaller resolutions! Viola!
When I did that, and went to upload, it only took 20 minutes! (much better!)
And there we have it, my first video story! :)

I am fully aware that I do need to work on a few things, eg camera postion, editing, light, and resolution. But I was rather pleased with it.
If you have a YouTube account it would be great to have you subscribe, or even if you do YouTube videos yourselfs, I'd love to take a look!