Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Models Own nail art pen - WAH Nails.

So, as you may have noticed I'm a wee bit addicted to nails, nail polish, nail art (anything to do with nails really!), and considering this addiction, I realised I dont actually own a nail art pen!! Not even one! :O
Ive always seen them packs of 'Rio' nail art pens in Argos for something like £25, and you get like 8 colours, but I've always thought "are they actually any good!?"
After doing abit of looking around, I spotted that models own had done a collab with WAH nails, and thought I'd try this instead. Least I'd only have to buy one individual one, instead of a whole pack!
 I got mine for £6, from, you can get them from like boots, superdrug and online for the same price.
 When I opened the envelope the packaging hit me first. Everyside of the box is a different pattern, and colour. I'm being a bit biased and only showing you my fav sides. The side I wasnt showing you (as the back is black with instructions on), was just like a bright yellow camoflage kind of thing. The top of the box was some weird bloodshot eye (tad odd!).
This is the pen itself. The nib is fine, and is really good for adding detail, and for doing little dots and things like that. Then once you unscrew that, there's a really fine brush (which is taking me a little while to get the hang off...). I just got the black on to begin with, as you can do most designs with that - but I do actually have the white one in the post as we speak!
So I guess that would tell you my answer on what I thought of it/would I buy other colours :)

I did really like the pen, and it was easy to use. A great first time one for people just wanting to play around and try some things out, as you do only have to buy the one, and not waste £20+ on a whole set if there not going to be for you.

If you follow my on instagram (@alexheaney), then you would have seen my first little play with it.
If you guys have these nail art pens, tell me what you think! Or if you know of any others arouund, or even if you've tried the 'Rio' ones - im interested in it all!
TTFN. xo.


  1. I'd really like one of these! Although at the moment I use liquid eyeliner for my nail art, which is the cheapy way to do it! x

    1. Wow! That's a brill idea! I may have to try :) Any particular brand of eyeliner? x