Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Eye roll on concealer - for 79p!

Whenever I see anything for under £1, I feel like I instantly have to buy it! Especially if its anything to do with make-up, nails, or books. My curiosty gets the better of me and I just become fascinated to see if it works, if its worth more than it is, or just to see if its better than what I may of shelled out a fiver for! 

So when I was just randomly wondering around in Savers one afternoon, I spotted this:

 Pretty:Perfect Eye Roll On Concealer. Light tint with citrus.
Im quite open to trying alot of concealers to be honest, as I hate the bluey/purpley rings I get under my eyes! Its a bit of a bug-bare of mine. So when I saw this for 79p, my first reaction was "Really!?"
After standing there for a while giving the box a read (all of which sounded plausable!), I thought to myself "For 79p, I'm really not going to regret it if it turns out to be poop!" So I bought it!

My overall view on this is 7 out of 10.
  • Really easy to use, because of the rollerball
  • Dispenses enough of the product
  • Rather versatile as I've used this other places on my face, other than eyes. Only for the odd spot here and there or something :)
  • Is abit yellow-ish... But once powder is put on top - I find it fine
  • There will obviously be better out there, but tbh for 79p its good. I will probably buy more, if not one more for a spare in my handbag or something, because if I lose it, its only 79p, not like £7 or something.
TTFN! :)

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