Sunday, 5 August 2012

Nail Polish By H&M - Dust and Diamonds.

So, I was just casually shopping in town the other day, (whilst I was waiting on the boyfriend to finish in the dreaded dentist!) and I decided to pop into H&M. They were having a sale, and I was like "Meh, lets have a butchers!"
Strolling around... Go upstairs... and BAM! My nail polish addicted takes hold (again!), and I saw this...
 To me, in the packaging it looked like milk chocolate or something, so I thought to myself "Ooh Yum!". When I saw it painted on my nails, thats exactly what it looked like!
 H&M nail varnishes are normally around the £2.99-£5 mark, depending on whether your buying individual, or sets.
This was reduced to £1. So for that I cant complain.

Its really nice to paint on, and the colour is very true to how it appears in the bottle.
I didnt use a top-coat, purely because I dont have one, and I've been trying to shop around and find a good one! So anyone know of any.. Leave a comment pweez :) It took around about 2 days to start chipping big style, and that includes me wearing it to work! So not bad going.
Moral of this blog post, I think I will purchase more nail polishes from H&M!


  1. Lovely colour! and great price!xo

  2. Thanks for commenting on my blog! For topcoat I usually use the Barry M one, which doubles as a base coat too :) xo

    1. I've actually been looking at that one! Deffo the best value for money, 2-in-1 bottle :O :)
      Thanks for the comment