Friday, 3 August 2012

Time to get serious!

The time to start blogging has commenced!

Since looking around at peoples blogs and things, I've noticed that they're all so pretty, and well laid out! Mine, on the other hand.. hasnt really found it's feet yet.
I do admit since starting I have been abit neglectful :/

But this will all change as of now!
Im going to learn bits and bobs to help change it a little (as I pretty much still know nothing about this!) So just a little heads up for the upcoming changes!
The YouTube channel must start! A.S.A.P!
As I'm realising I have a voice, and a need to speak to everyone in a bigger way than just typing!
I also have a lot of things in the pipe line that I want to blog about, so these shall also be happening!

It's exciting times, and also nervous ones as I'm actually about to venture into the world of video..
Lets hope this turns out well!

Hope you enjoy the journey with me.

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