Sunday, 19 August 2012

Im now engaged!!

The biggest thing that’s ever happened to me!!
I still don’t even believe it, and its been a week already (I know, sorry it’s late, but I’ve gone back to work now… The holiday is over.)
It was a complete surprise to me, I had no idea what-so-ever! Tom did a very good job on keeping it a secret, and organizing everything, and seeing as we live together (he lives with me and my mum!) he did very well in hiding everything –also especially seeing as I’m really quite nosey and like to know what people are up too, and what they’re doing!
So I thought that id share with you guys what happened that day :)

Saturday 11th August 2012, mine and Thomas’s 2 year anniversary. For a start I couldn’t even believe it had been 2 years! Time had gone so fast, and it’s hard to think I met him on my 19th birthday (a present I never got rid of!). 
We woke up, had a nice little cuddle, and a chat, and then we went downstairs, and Tom cooked us a lovely cooked breakfast – scrambled egg, sausages, bacon… The works! It was very yummy, and a nice little surprise to the start of the day!
He also gave me a haribo heart, and ring in a little enveloped with “I love you” written on it – we have this joke that the only kind of engagement ring we’d be able to afford is a haribo one, so hence the haribo!
In the afternoon my best friend Helena, asked if I wanted to meet for a bite to eat, and some shopping, unbeknown to me… She was in on the whole thing!!! She came up with a very plausible idea. She told me that Tom’s mum agreed to sign a sponsorship form for her for her uni application thingy (Helena’s training to be a midwife/nurse, and Tom’s mum is a nurse, so it sounded true to me!) anywho she was like, “Tom’s told me his mum is free at 5, so we’ll go round then!” I was cool with that – although I was in the middle of a poundshop hunt, so didn’t really want to leave!
We left, and got to Tom’s house, say hey to his mum, his dad, and then his sister was there too – and his mum asked if we wanted to stay for something to eat – to which Lena was like “Yeah sure!” I was surprised, as she was supposed to be meeting her cousin.
When we walked in the living room, Tom, my mum, and my friend Becky came bursting out the conservatory and shouted surprise! That’s when I thought… “What's going on here!?”
After a while, Tom turned the T.V off and asked me to stand up with him. My legs felt like jelly, I felt so hot, and I felt sick! I didn’t know what was about to happen, but I was nervous!
He gave a very nice speech to everyone there about us, and how much he loved me, that’s when the eyes started to well up, and then he went on one knee!
I was gobsmacked!!
He opened the box, and there was a beautiful ring there, which he took out, and popped the question! And of course I said yes!
And here we are!

I was shaking afterward, and like I said I still can’t believe it’s for real now! But I love Tom with all my heart, and couldn’t imagine a day without him there, let alone the rest of my life. I’m not saying it’s been an easy 2 years, because for us, it hasn’t. But it’s made us strong, and we value each other a lot more because of what we’ve been through. He’s now my fiancé, but he’s always, and will always be my best friend, and the person I tell everything too.
(This is us after... Not a great picture as the light was behind us.)


  1. congrats :) your ring is beautiful
    i like your blog i'm following you :)

  2. Aww, congratulations! This is lovely!

    (also, my chubby tired fingers meant it took about 10 attempts to write that properly, haha!) x

    1. Thank you :)

      Haha, well least you got there in the end! :) x