Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Random Post: Motivation And Losing Weight.

Hello there!
I was sat staring at the telly, all alone as Toms at work, and bored. So thought why not write a blog post? Trouble was I hadn't prepared anything and hadn't taken any photos of my products yet.. then I realized that the whole reason I started a blog in the first place was because I wanted somewhere to share anything and everything. Even if I was writing for the hell of it!
I'm afraid this is a abit of a random, moans and groans post! 
First thing that seems to be pissing me off is my motivation levels. Does anyone else want to do so much, and has so much to do, but you can never seem to muster the energy to do it, and instead you just sit there staring at the telly all doing sweet FA!? Yeah. That's me.
This seems to be slowly ruling my life and I need to stop this before it really starts, but I don't know how. If any of you guys have any suggestions please get in touch!
Secondly, I cannot seem to stick to this diet. Or any kind of workout routine. Its really bugging me because I would love to lose about a stone in weight and completely tone up, and I just cant seem to stick it. I'm thinking of joining a slimming world group as there's one setting up right near me... anyone have any feedback on slimming world? From what I cant gather people seem to get results with it. The reason I'm thinking about joining a specific group is that then perhaps I will become more motivated and more determined if I know I've got like a weigh in every week or whenever. I dunnoooo... I need guidance and advice!
I'm really sorry at such a random moany post but I just needed to get it out, and who knows! Maybe even writing this will help me get back into perspective. Here's hoping.

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