Monday, 18 March 2013

Avon Lipstick Haul & Swatches

Hiya Lovelies!
I recently made an Avon purchase that I am completely over the moon with, so thought I'd share it all with you!
*If you like lipstick, stay tuned! This is all lip!*

Reduced to £2.50
So this is the first lipstick I bought is one of Avon's 24k lipsticks in 'Rosy Gold'.
Its a really pretty natural looking pink, with gold flecks in it. So, so pretty! The consistency is lovely too, and really quite moisturising!
The next three I bought were not only bargains, but complete and utter surprises!
They are from the 'Colourtrend' range at Avon, which to be honest, before now I though were rubbish. I've bought a couple of eye shadows from that range in the past and didn't think they were all that, but these lippy's are the complete opposite, and I love everyone of them!
They were buy one, get two free!! So I got these next three lipsticks for a grand total of £3.25!!
 Rich Ruby
 Doll Pink
And that's that!
Overall I am really pleased with every lipstick I purchased, and will most definitely be trying out some of the other Colourtrend range, including more of their lipsticks!

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