Thursday, 8 November 2012

Ghost Enchanted Bloom Perfume

This lovely, lovely perfume was a birthday present from my dear friend Chris (@chrissiebella), and Im very grateful, as although I’ve always love the smell of Ghost perfumes, and even gifted them to other people, I have never owned one myself!
This one is absolutely lovely! I find you can wear it whether it be in the daytime for meeting with friends, for lunch or a general natter, or for a night out at dinner, or partying!
I am completely rubbish at describing how things smell, especially perfume wise, but here goes!
It is quite a sweet, floral scent, but not overpowering. There is a lot of hushed undertones that are more woody, and give a perfect base to the perfume, hence why I think this also makes a good evening fragrance.
It is also very girly and warming, and is perfect for work, as the long Gevity of it is amazing. I still smell this on me hours after applying!

The bottle is a lovely shape too! Very womanly and pretty. A beautiful lilac colour that isn’t too in your face, and would sit perfectly on anyone’s dresser.
I love this perfume, and have worn it pretty much all the time since I got it. So, if your reading this Chris, thank you very, very much! <3

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