Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Two New BarryM Palettes!

Hey lovelies!
A look at two new BarryM palettes for you today, and I must say they are lovely.
There are 3 palettes available; The Natural Glow, Smokin' Hot, and Glamour Puss. I decided to get the natural and smokin' palettes, as for me the colours had the most appeal.

Let's begin with the packaging! Ok, so it's not the greatest packaging, but it's certainly not the worst. I feel like they will get marked and messed up pretty easy as they are like a cardboard-ish material. However when opening the palettes up, I find the layout and the mirror very good. For the price I wasn't expecting a mirror, and it's a very clear, decent sized one. The eye shadows and blush themselves are a very good size (very Naked look-alike!) and you definitely get a good amount of product!
The products themselves are very good quality, and I was pleasantly surprised! As with all palettes that are from the drugstore, I am naturally very dubious on the actual quality, but BarryM have definitely not disappointed.
The Natural Glow palette is a great every day essential, and come with some beautiful shades, and a nice range of matte, and shimmer shadows. The pigmentation of the lighter shades are the best but they give enough colour payoff for everyday. The darker, more shimmery shades are lovely, and will be great as crease colours, or for use as a liner to give a more subtle look.
The blush is nice, but I wouldn't necessarily use it as a blush, as I find I don't seem to get much colour at all. I do think however that this is a really pretty highlight, as it has soft but lovely shimmer.


Now onto the Smokin' Hot palette. I think that this is a really good day to night palette, as the first 3 shades are great to wear for a subtle everyday look, and the last 3 shades are really pretty, night-time colours. As with the first palette, the pigmentation is just lovely, and I'm so pleased with them. A big difference from the first palette to this one, is the blush has a much better colour payoff. It's a very pretty dusky pink colour, and has a very light shimmer, but nothing too in your face!

All in all I give these palettes a 8 out of 10, and congratulate BarryM on a lovely product, at a good price!  


  1. thanks for the review I might pick up the neutral one :)