Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Primark Home: Raspberry & Papaya Candle

Hello Lovelies!
I think its ok to now say that summer is officially over for us in the UK, (however whilst I am writing this the sun has come out - typical).
One thing I welcome happily in the colder, darker nights, minus snuggly pyjama's, is a lovely candle to fill my room with a delicious smell.
I have to admit, I did actually buy this in July, and had it burning through August, I don't really mind burning candles in the summer months, as long as the scent is right, and boy was this a good scent!
It's a very light, sweet, fruity scent, that when lit, smell exactly like how it does in the container. The raspberry comes through ever so subtly and isn't sickly whatsoever.
I picked this up in Primark for a mere £2, and didn't really expect to much for that price. I'm quite sceptical on Primark candles as I've had a couple in the past, and didn't really get a great scent payoff.
However this was completely the opposite, and my Mum said that she could even smell it downstairs!
I will definitely pick up some more Primark candles now the winter is truly upon us!
What's your experiences with Primark candles? Any great ones out at the moment?
Let me know!


  1. I've got this candle lit right now - it smells so lovely doesn't it :)
    I love Primark candles- they've got a coconut and papaya one which smells divine too!!

    1. Definitely is a fav :) Just goes to show that you don't need to spend a bomb on Yankee all the time!! x