Monday, 13 May 2013

Honeydew Dazzle

Hello there!
I know long time no post, but if I’m honest, I just really couldn’t have been bothered recently! That does sound bad, but hey! We all have them times, where you come home from a busy shift at work, and just want to veg in front of the box with ya pj’s on!
So after that brief introduction, on with the post!

I made a little Avon nail polish purchase a couple of weeks ago and one of the polishes was ‘Honeydew Dazzle’ which as you can see is a really lovely mint green colour. I was pleasantly surprised when it got delivered and I took it out of the box, as I wasn’t expecting the colour to be as lovely as it is. It’s always hard to get a true idea of a colour when it’s printed in a book!
Another thing I really like about this polish is the subtle shimmer in it. I don’t know if the picture is really doing it any justice at all, but it was rather hard to capture. The shimmer is also a silvery mint green colour and adds just that little bit extra for the polish.
One drawback if you will, is I’ve noticed that on one of my nails, the polish has started to change colour, and seems to be slightly yellowing... I’m not entirely sure why this is, or if it’s because of the polish. If anyone owns this and has the same thing happen, I’d love to know about it, as this is the only polish this has ever happened to me with.

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  1. Loving the colour - it's so pretty!