Monday, 11 February 2013

Statement necklaces


So lately I've been wanting to change up my jewellery collection, and slowly start to sort it out and get rid of the stuff I'm never going to wear, and start buying key pieces that hopefully I will have for a while, and get a lot of use out of!
Stepping into Primark last week, I saw there was a sale on a whole bunch of statement necklaces, and thought that that would be a great place to start. I've never been a statement necklace person, but lately I have seen a lot of really pretty ones circulating the bloggersphere, and YouTube (like the cranberry coloured one that you've probably seen a million times!). Plus these were all half price, and at £2 each, I couldn't complain.
I'm really pleased with what I managed to pick up, and feel like I will have all these for many years and get a lot of use out of them! The one on the far right will be lovely in summer, as it has great colour changing qualities. The black and white one I feel is just very classy, and will look great on a night out, or even for an interview! The cranberry one I just love. The colour, all the detail, everything, and will be great come winter and Christmas time.
So there we have it, if your looking for a few new pieces, but don't want to spend a bomb, then Primark is definitely the place to pick up a few bargains :)

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  1. I only really own one statement necklace and coincidentially it's from Primark! I love the red one would look amazing with a black bandeau dress!

    Efia @ Effy Talks Life