Monday, 17 December 2012

Merry Mondays - Here comes Santa Claus!

This is by far, my favourite!
When I thought about this design in my head, I didn't think it could turn out as well as it did! Without meaning to sound too up myself :)
The thought behind this was literally waking up this morning and realising that Christmas day is a week away! So Santa is coming soon! Also, seeing that its my last week of work before Christmas, I wanted to do something a bit more festive, as I get quite a few comments from my customers.

What I used:
(left to right)
  • Barry M - Red glitter
  • Avon - Deluxe chocolate
  • Avon - Liquorice
  • H&M - Dust and Diamonds
  • Dotting tool
  • Cheap white
  • Sally Hansen instadry - Beige
  • Revlon - All fired up
  • OPI - Rapid dry top coat
  • Revlon - Good coin
So, are we all getting excited for the big day now?
All organised?

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