Tuesday, 24 July 2012

A Lil Introduction

Hello, & Howdy!
Well, this is my first post, on my brand spanking new blog!
How exciting :)
So time for a brief introduction.

My name is Alex, and ive just turned the lovely age that is 21! I currently live in sunny (at the moment) Swindon, with my mumsy (but you guys can call her Sue), and abit un-invitedly, my boyfriend, Tom :) Not that I mind him being here - it's nice :)
So there's a little about me (as we go along, your obviously learn alot more), now for abit about what you may find on this new little blog of mine!

By the way, this is actually my first ever blog! Ahh scary!

So anywayssss, that kind of randomness your be finding on here is books, make-up, nails, films, food (<3 food!), reviews, hauls, and anything else that pops into my head, or day, that I want to share!

Also I am currently in the process of creating a YouTube channel too (when I get the balls to start filming myself!) so when thats all up and running I shall be linking it on here!

TTFN. xo

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